Saturday, August 31, 2013

Corporate Running Hits a New Low

I've railed before against what I call corporate running.  Mostly I hate the Color Runs, Tough Mudders, and Spartan Runs, but now you can add the Rock N' Roll Marathon folks to my list.  You see, the greedy bastards who run the series decided to say screw the professional athlete.  Oh, they'll comp their entry and pay out some prize money, but plane tickets and appearance fees, forget about it.

Many of you may say, tough, who cares.  But for every Galen Rupp that has a fat contract from NIKE, there are 100 Will Leers just scraping by.  Most professional runners have to work real jobs in between the training.  The a-holes at Competitor Group which runs the Rock N' Roll series among other races decided they needed to fatten their bottom line. 

So excuse me if I won't donate to your charity fundraising run that's put on one of these corporate smucks.  I'm not going to give my hard earned cash to a bunch of corporate suits who are skimming a big chunk of your entry fee money for themselves.  All I can say is, support your local running clubs. 

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  1. In any case, I don't like it when they make a circus out of our sport. What happened the pure desire and intention to run for running's sake and to share the sport ? Kind regards, Mason