Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in the Fort

More than 3,000 miles, across 12 states, visiting a half dozen friends, with heartwarming stops in Lawrence and Kansas City at WDAF, I finally arrived on Friday to the waiting Czarina.  The one year adventure that was Sacramento is at an end.  But it certainly didn't go quietly.  More on that in a moment.

The drive went amazingly well.  The amount of snow still in the high country was astounding.  From California to Wyoming there was still a lot of snow.  By this time of year the parts of Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming are usually burned brown.  It was amazingly green.  Clouds hovered over Nebraska as I drove across the state but as if on cue the sun arrived as I crossed into Kansas.

I spent almost three days visiting family and friends in Lawrence.  I got the best sleep that I've had in more than six months.  Something about sleeping at my sister Dianne's house is soothing for me.  But the highlight of that part of my journey was a visit to WDAF.  News Director Bryan McGruder was unbelievably kind and the welcome from old friends on Signal Hill was overwhelming.  Seeing friendly faces like Al Wallace, J.W. Edwards, John Holt, and Mike Lewis reminded me of how much we have all been through together.

I made a lunch stop in Paducah on Thursday where I got to see Hula Girl Andrea Underwood and Lew Jetton.  I had the privilege of working with both during my all too short stint in Western Kentucky at WPSD.  In the middle of our meal I got a text that my general manager in Sacramento resigned after just seven months on the job.  Talk about things that make you go hmm! 

I arrived at home Friday afternoon and the Czarina was sweeping the driveway waiting for me.  She was like a kid on Christmas morning, she braved the sultry heat to welcome her man home.  It was clear that I was needed more in Fort Myers than in Sacramento.  My arrival sparked a flurry of work on the Czarina's part.  I've got a lot of chores facing me over the coming day, little things neglected in my absence.

Capping my first weekend home was a surprisingly cool Sunday evening run of six miles.  The Czarina is only rounding back into shape after a long battle with plantar fasciitis.  I ran better than I had in months while a bathroom emergency disrupted the poor Czarina's final mile.  Thank goodness for some ongoing road construction next to the trail which gave her a private place to do her business at dusk.  She won't like me writing about that, but my goodness, it's great to be home, chasing the Czarina along the 6 Mile Cypress trail.   

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