Sunday, March 14, 2010

Otterly Ridiculous

We're fortunate enough to live right next to a very large nature preserve.  It's called the 6 Mile Cypress Slough and one of our favorite running trails borders its length.  The asphalt sits about 30 yards away from a thick forest which is home to all manner of animals.  Heavy rains a couple of days ago have left the Slough flooded and its brought creating a feast for the wading birds which we see regularly on our runs.

This morning however was the shocker of all shockers and made me wish I carried a camera.  About a mile from my front door I came across a family of otters playing along the banks of the sheet flow of water running through the slough.  As I approached they stopped their activity to watch me and came up along the bank but as I drew even to them the family scattered back into the water to play. 

You see just about everything on the trails, alligators, big snakes, deer, wild boar, and incredible birds including a variety of herons, hawks, and the huge wood storks.  I never thought I would see otters, especially in an area which is dry about half the year.  I'm sure they had made their way up from Estero Bay which sits about four miles to the south. 

Spring has sprung in Florida.  I'm enjoying it before the heat and humidty take hold!

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