Monday, November 2, 2009

Revisiting our Halloween fun

We decided to make light of our current situation for this Halloween.  We went to a birthday party for a three year old this Saturday, I went as myself, The Unemployed Bum, while The Czarina went as Miss Stimulus Package.

You can't see the back of my t-shirt which says "Crack is Wack."  The Czarina had fun handing out 100 dollar bills with my face on it.  I'm sure the Treasury Department wouldn't appreciate the humor.

The highlight of the birthday bash was watching the birthday boy try and break a pinata filled with candy.  The only problem was the damn thing was made with cardboard, making it impossible to break!
Watching the kids scraf down all that candy left me with quite an appetite.  So we went out for some fine dining after the party.

The Czarina tried to ditch me for this Zombie Waiter.  I think the blood stains got to her and she decided that she preferred the ketchup and mustard stains on my shirt.


  1. All marathoners should have such an excellent sense of humour ! kind regards, Marc-Antoine

  2. That is a fabulous wound on that guy's head!! Excellent costumes, guys. Excellent.