Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Legend of Craig Davidson

Pick up the latest issue of Runner's World and you'll find an article about one of my favorite people in the world, Craig Davidson.  When I moved to Phoenix in 1987 I was looking for a group to go on long runs with and a co-worker suggested calling Runner's Den.  Craig answered the phone and invited me to join his Mummy Mountain group in Scottsdale.  It was the start of a friendship that is now in its 22nd year.

Back then Craig was running a lot of miles.  He was routinely logging 140 to 180 miles a week.  At the time he was one of the best ultra-runners in the United States.  The article in Runner's World focuses on his ability to find money while he runs.  I can testify to his uncanny knack for spotting coins.  I can remember countless times running in the early morning darkness on a pitch black stretch of asphalt.  We would be deep in conversation when suddenly he would vanish.  I'd look back over my shoulder to see him stooped over picking up a penny.  How he could see it in the dark is beyond me.

Craig find all manner of items like firewood, water fountains, tools, and bicycles while putting in the miles.  He'd stash them by the side of the road and pick them up later in the car.  His garage was full of junk. 

But the most important thing you should know about Craig that the article doesn't reveal is what a good man he is.  He may well be the nicest human being I've ever met.  I don't think there's a soul in Phoenix who puts on a pair of racing flats that doesn't know Craig.  They'd all testify to the fact that he is a great ambassador for running and an even better friend. 

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