Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travelin On

In 48 hours I'll be winging my way from the heat and humidity that is Southwest Florida to Kansas City for a nice trip home. My oldest sister (I think out of boredom) offered me a free ticket to come for a week long visit. Given my current state of employment (or lack thereof) how could I resist?

My sister and I have a comfortable routine when I visit. She knows I don't care about the general lack of house keeping as long as I have a place to lay my head. She also knows that I love nothing more than sitting down in front of the tube, watching movies, and catching up on all things family. I'll also get a chance to attend my middle sister's annual family gathering over the weekend. I'll get to see a boatload of cousins and other family friends, some pushing age 90 or older. It's always a lively affair with a lot of good conversation.

The other part of the trip will involve catching up with good friends which will mean trips around Kansas City, a high school cross country race, and my first appearance at the Sand Rat Race in four years. I probably won't run but it will be great to see the Rats. Plus I plan to make the pilgrimage up to the KU campus and see my old professor friends. Hopefully I can do it without getting a parking ticket.

With any luck I might be able to snag a job interview while I'm in town. I'm not counting on it but one can always hope. The break from the routine of filling out endless job applications on the internet will be a welcome one.

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