Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guilty Pleasures of the Cinema

Patrick Swayze's death and a blog at The Big Lead got me to thinking about a topic I've wanted to blog about for sometime. Movie's that were critically lambasted but I really, really like. "Road House" is one of those movies that Swayze starred in along with "Red Dawn." If they're on the tube I'll sit through a few minutes every time.

Other such movies include Kevin Costner's epic flops "Water World" and "The Postman." I really love seeing Tom Petty in "The Postman." Another are the Bruce Willis flicks "Hudson Hawk" and "The Fifth Element." I think "Hudson Hawk" was just too clever for the critics and I can watch "The Fifth Element" endlessly, just ask the Czarina.

But back to Swayze, he also happened to star in one of the best movies ever made, "The Outsiders." I think it's one of the most under appreciated films from Francis Ford Coppola's considerable cataloge. Like a lot of Coppola movie's it is beautifully shot and the story is classic. There are so many talented young stars in that movie. Go to IMBD and check out the list of actors and if you've never seen it, rent it, it's well worth the watch.

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  1. While I think Road House is a horrible movie, I love to watch it. I've had the hots for Sam Elliot for years, and we get a peak at Patrick's butt in that one. Ha. It was on recently and my daughter alerted me that, "Hey mom, that butt scene is coming up soon!" She knows me so well.