Monday, July 9, 2012

Fire, Kingdoms and Injury

Even though the rainy season is underway in Florida fire is a constant threat.  A major fire shutdown the interstate on Sunday and the smell of smoke hung heavy in the evening air even though the blaze burned more than 10 miles away.  The stench of smoke stayed strong Monday morning making it easier to deal with the fact that I couldn't go out for a morning run.

It's been two months now since I've been able to train consistently.  First it was my left hamstring that was bothersome.  Just when I had a handle on that problem my right calf started bothering me.  It started as soreness behind my right knee and then it worked it's way deep into my calf.  I've run 20 miles in the last eight weeks.  The only saving grace is that if there is a time of year to be injured it's right now.  The heat is here but without the usual humidity, hence the fire problem.

Sunday afternoon the Czarina and I escaped her unending home renovations to see "Moonrise Kingdom."  It's Wes Anderson's latest creation starring a slew of big name stars.  But in this instance two youngsters steal the heart and soul of this compelling love story.  The writing is crisp, quirky and smart.  The film is beautifully shot as well.  While it falls short of the smart humor of "The Royal Tennebaums" it's well worth a watch.

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