Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I Miss

Running up Daisy Hill with the Sand Rats
Riding on a combine during the wheat harvest
Sitting in my grandmother's lap
Hearing my aunt and mother laughing together
Going to movies with my sister Dianne
Drinking beer with my sister Karen
Making hysterically nasty tape recordings with my sister Mary
Playing cards with my cousins Nancy and Bob
Listening to my cousin Mike sing and play guitar
Playing guitar and singing for my wife while she works at the computer
Listening to the incredibly loud arguments my wife has with Andrei in Russian
Playing ping pong with my granddaughter Masha
Playing ping pong with Mark Booth in his basement
Sitting in Phil Wedge's frigid dining room in the winter playing a college football board game
Summer training runs with Kent McDonald and Doug Schreve
Barney McCoy tearing through the gears of his Datsun
Sitting at mid court at Allen Field House watching Tom Kivisto hit a jumper from the top of the key
Watching Jim Ryun race
Watching Don Rickles on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson"
The constant zip of the AP wire printers in the newsroom
Feature reporting at local TV stations
Working with Bob Thill and Doug Sudoff
Tom Dowling
Living in Kansas City and the friends that live there
Kissing my wife goodnight

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