Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Treat from Neil

Neil Young spent much of the 1980's whip-sawing through musical styles.  Much of what he created  wasn't very good.  He went from country to hard rock to computer rock to rock-a-billy back to country then more rock and rock backed with horns before he finding traction at the end of the decade with the epic "Freedom."

I saw Neil a couple of times during the 80's.  I saw his computer driven efforts backed by the Shocking Pinks in the early 80's and again in the mid-80's when he was playing country with the International Harvesters.  Neither shows were that memorable though they had their moments.  But when you cull through his work with the International Harvesters there were more bright spots than clunkers.

Neil has decided to release a CD of his live work with this band in the late spring.  I looked anxiously at the track listing but was disappointed to see that he didn't include the haunting "Interstate" on the disc.  Nevertheless there are several gems I'm looking forward to hearing come June.  Nor will you hear this classic "Comes A Time" that originally appeared on the album with the same name.  Enjoy Neil with the International Harvesters appearing on Austin City Limits in 1984.

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