Friday, February 11, 2011


Readers of this blog know that my musical tastes are pretty well defined.  The Beatles, Dylan, Bruce, Neil and the Dead have been my constant companions for the better part of my life.  Since young adulthood I reluctantly let very few "new" artists infiltrate my musical sphere.  My reason is largely based on the economics of an ever-expanding collection of CD's.  Once I like an artist I buy everything they put out and even the stuff they don't put out.

Eight years ago I went to a Neil Young concert in West Palm Beach, Florida where he kicked off his American tour of the epic "Greendale."  Neil's opening act was a woman singer/songwriter who I had heard of but had never given a listen to.  In 45 minutes Lucinda Williams knocked me out. 

This was just one of the great tunes she performed that night from the album which bares the same name, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road". She is truly one of the great songwriters that gets very little credit, much like John Hiatt.  Give it a listen or better still listen to one of her other fabulous discs called "Essence."  She's an amazing talent.  Her new album "Blessed" comes out next month and since I rarely write about female artists I thought I should give her a plug.

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  1. Love her!!! Me and Flesh used to listen to her on road trips together. Good taste, Rink, I'm impressed.